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Mater Data Explorer for DF-e & SPED(s)

Queries, comparison, simulation and extraction of XML and SPED(s) data

Mater Data Explorer is a solution for querying, comparing and extracting data from Mater Data Data Lake using "SQL Like" queries.MaterData Explorer makes it possible to consult tax documents with information from XML and SPED at the same time, with very high performance.

All XML and/or SPED fields can be consulted; for example, specific XML fields such as medication batch, expiration date, car chassis number, etc.

Security & Compliance

The XML(s) processed by Mater Data are anonymized to remove all personal identifiers (PII), in accordance with LGPD and GDPR rules.

All data are stored securely and in isolation using state-of-the-art encryption.

Mater Data Suite

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