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Mater Data Dashboards for SPED(s)

Dashboards, insights and alerts in SPED Fiscal, SPED Contributions, SPED Accounting and ECF files.

Mater Data Dashboards for SPED(s) is a solution for visualizing data in various graphic formats and tables, providing a complete view of a company's operations from different perspectives, including Sales, Fiscal and Tax, using SPED, Tax (ICMS/IPI), Contributions (PIS/COFINS), Accounting and ECF files as a data source.

The Mater Data Dashboards solution for SPED(s) also makes it possible to configure email or SMS alerts when any condition is reached.


- Sales (quantity and value) and taxes by Customer, State, Region, Product
- Volumes transported by Carrier, State, Region, City
- Calculations of SPED Fiscal Block E ICMS/IPI taxes and SPED Contributions PIS/COFINS Block M.
- Equity control, Fiscal SPED Block G
- Inventory and production (Fiscal SPED Blocks H and K)
- DRE Accounting, consolidated or company balance sheets
- Monthly, yearly or quarterly visualization

Alerts: Discrepancies and changes in NCM, CEST, tax rate and other tax parameters.

Security & Compliance

The XML(s) processed by Mater Data are anonymized to remove all personal identifiers (PII), in accordance with LGPD and GDPR rules.

All data are stored securely and in isolation using state-of-the-art encryption.

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