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Mater Data Dashboards for DF-e

Dashboards, insights and DF-e alerts 

Mater Data Dashboards for DF-e is a solution for visualizing data in various graphic formats and tables, providing a complete view of a company's operations from different perspectives, including Sales, Fiscal, and Accounting, using DF-e (Electronic Tax Documents), NF-e,NFS-e, NFC-e, sat, CT-e, and NFCom XML files as a data source.

The Mater Data Dashboards solution for DF-e also makes it possible to configure email or SMS alerts when any condition is reached.

Fiscal Cockpit

The Mater Data Tax Cockpit provides views and dashboards for calculating Tax debits and credits, tax summaries by operation, state, or region, and year-on-year, month-to-month or quarterly comparisons.

Alerts: Tax alterations, changes in tax rates on entry or exit, and changes in a product's tax parameters, such as NCM/CEST.

Sales Cockpit

The Mater Data Sales Cockpit provides views and dashboards of Sales by product, segment, region/country, state, POS/POS, as well as year-on-year, month-to-month, and quarterly comparisons.

Alerts: Changes in price and payment terms.

Accounting Cockpit

The Accounting Cockpit provides visualizations and dashboards for DRE analyses, balance sheets and other accounting statements, with year-on-year, month-to-month, and quarterly comparisons.

Alerts: Entry discrepancies, inactive accounts, incorrect D/C in accounting entries.

Real-time data processing

Mater Data Dashboards for DF-e receives or searches your messaging solutions' XML files automatically and continuously, so that all dashboards, insights and alerts are updated in close to real time.

This makes it possible to estimate taxes to be collected and possible credits without having to wait until the end of the month.

Security & Compliance

The XML(s) processed by Mater Data are anonymized to remove all personal identifiers (PII), in accordance with LGPD and GDPR rules.

All data are stored securely and in isolation using state-of-the-art encryption.

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