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Mater Data Connector for BI

Mater Data Data Lake links with third-party BI solutions, such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Mater Data Connector for BI, is the solution to connect Mater Data's Data Lake, both XML and sped(s), with BI solutions such as PowerBI, Tableau among others.

With Mater Data Connector solution, our customers maintain a single consolidated database, with reliable and already treated sources of data.Governance & compliance, security rules, LGPD and GDPR are therefore managed centrally, avoiding discrepancies or lack of information in reports.

Security & Compliance

The XML(s) processed by Mater Data are anonymized to remove all personal identifiers (PII), in accordance with LGPD and GDPR rules.

All data are stored securely and in isolation using state-of-the-art encryption.

Mater Data Suite

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