Get the most complete view of your business

With the Mater Data solution, your main operational data is displayed simply and intuitively, with the ability to connect to various data sources.

Mater Data

A set of solutions for data analysis and visualization  from DF-e and SPED data sources.

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Mater Data Dashboards for DF-e

Solution for data visualization in various formats, using DF-e (Electronic Tax Documents), NF-e, NFS-e,NFC-e, sat, CT-e, and NFCom XML files as data sources.

Mater Data Dashboards for SPED(s)

Solution for viewing data in various formats, using SPED, Fiscal (ICMS/IPI), Contributions (PIS/COFINS), Accounting and ECF files as data sources.

The best visualization on any type of screen

Mater Data Dashboards is designed to achieve the best data visualization (UX) across all types of devices, web, mobile, and tablet.


View graphics and grids, edits, settings


Visualization, graphics and grids, push alerts


Integration with the main DF-e messaging tools (NF-e, NFS-e, CT-e, NFCom)

Real Time Processing

Real-time management, tax and accounting information